Solid-state Electronic devices
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For understanding and designing new devices with newly working principles it is necessary to have a good background on the “traditional” devices. Many Vietnamese universities and colleges are now expanding education programs with intensive study on this topic. Unfortunately, there are some difficulties for numerous Vietnamese students to approach to a systematic literature for explanation physical phenomena processing in semiconductor devices. This textbook is an effort to present a basic knowledge about physics of solid state electronic devices for graduate students and undergraduate students with special education programs. It may be useful for lectures and engineers working in this field.

This textbook is consisted from ten chapters. Chapter 1 is a very brief overview of semiconductor material properties. Chapter 2 recalls some fundamental points of quantum mechanics necessarily for description of physical processes in solid state materials and devices. Chapters 3 represents the main features of energy band theory and the band structure for the most widely used semiconductors Si and GaAs. Chapter 4 gives the basic knowledge on the carrier statistics in equilibrium, while chapter 5 provides information about carrier transport phenomena. Chapter 6 is a detail description of Shockley’s theory of p–n junction and relative effects. A short chapter 7 has information about the structure and electron transport over the potential barrier in metal–semiconductor junction. Chapter 9 is a description with other kind of objects, where metal–insulator–semiconductor – and its particular case, metal–oxide– semiconductor – structures are under consideration. Chapter 8 and 10 are devoted to physics of bipolar and metal–oxide–semiconductor field–effect transistors, respectively.

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